Pancho Guedes Nunca Foi Ao Japão

This book, Pancho Guedes Nunca Foi Ao Japão: Viagens pelos arquivos fotográficos de A.d'A.M.Guedes (Pancho Guedes has never been to Japan: Journeys through the photographic archives of A.d'A.M. Guedes), resulted from the intent made by José Luís Tavares and Lucio Magri to reorganize the rich archive of travel photographs done by the well known and productive portuguese architect. It represents just a small part of an impressive archive. Pancho Guedes (1925-2015), whom lived his life almost in Africa, traveled all over world, collecting images and creating theme sets for teaching purpose, but never dating and rarely locating them. He drew beautiful labels for the slides boxes where he organized the sets. We reproduce some of them on the cover of the book. They show how funny and variable could them be. From cities to ficcional titles. So, without dates, being enable to show them cronologically, searching hard to recognize and confirm places, and observing that almost there were not night images, we decide to sequence them going west, after the sun, starting and finishing our own trip on Lisbon's longitude. Among thousands of images from around the world, as we did not find any image that for us could appear to be from Japan, trying to replicate Pancho's fine humor, we gave this title to the book, knowing that perhaps it is not the real truth.